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Date: 2017-09-07

5 reading spots that will make it even more blissful!
Reading is something that takes us into a whole another world. It gives us either a break from reality or shows us the other side of reality. Readers by all means enjoy the company of a book/e-book! The places we choose to read in also have a lot of effect on the whole ‘reading’ experience. We know on this you would say but reading sets us apart from the surroundings but trust us, it does matter. Be it in a park or that small corner of your room or even the attic! Good spaces will equal to a whiff of pleasure that will in turn increase your reading pleasure! Online Books Purchase In India
Here are some
The book corner of your room
The most clichéd and yet the best place- will surely give you those nerdy vibes. But hey, we bookworms take pride being called ‘nerds’ don’t we?
Beside the window with a good tree view
Talk about serenity! Calm and beautiful window-side spot would be just good enough to immerse yourself into reading. Online Book Store In India
On the beach
The cool breeze, the lovely sea and a beautiful spot on the sand to read- what else would a reader want?! The sound of the waves would make it even more blissful and fun
On your bed
Curling yourself up on a bed with a hot cup of coffee on the side table – sounds like a perfect setting to read, doesn’t it?
On a train/plane/bus
Reading is always the best way to enjoy the journey or avoid that irritating neighbour. While traveling tuck and immerse yourself in reading your favourite work and you will be sorted for your journey.
If you are one of those to whom a lot of background noises or voices don’t affect then a bench in a park might be a great option for you. Let your reading hobby whisk you away in the park!
Thanks to e-reading and e-books now reading is possible anywhere and everywhere without even having to carry much load.
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