Optimal Packaging Consulting firm in Chicago, USA

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2018-01-10

Chicago Consultants is a prominent Supply Chain Packaging Optimization consultants, that are expert in offering Optimal or optimum Packaging solutions to their customers in Chicago, USA. Since our inception, our company has become an exceptionally reputable name in the industry for their product packaging needs. When you give us the work, we provide you with innovative and creative solutions which are inexpensive too. We have been in the packaging business for several years as well as have sufficient experience and expertise and our design team keeps up with modern technology and packaging solutions, keeping the best interests of the manufacturer and customers in mind. We can custom design the storage containers and the entire packaging, as required.

Call - (312) 346-5080 or email us at : admin@chicago-consulting.com


Contact Info: (312) 346-5080)