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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2018-01-26

All about Srujan – Part 1
The word Srujan basically means ‘creative’. Creativity is in abundance in this world all we need is a way to channel it and bring it to people. Srujan is a platform for such creativity. We at Srujan have aimed to give a centre stage to the creative artists to showcase their creativity. Every creation begins with a dream. Our team at Srujan aims to be a catalyst in bringing this dream to reality. In the current era having a presence in the digital world is very important in same way important to establish the presence of your work in the digital world. We help artists to find an apt digital platform and help reach their suitable audience. At Srujan we publish creativity and ideas on digital platforms. Be it audiobooks such as Marathi audiobooks or Hindi audiobooks we publish them all. We also help you publish your own ebook whether you are an occasional writer or a constant one.
Our aim at making the Ebooks, audiobooks and many other digital prints reach a larger audience. We also aim at providing best ebook publishing services. We encourage you all to publish your own ebook. We also make efforts to spread knowledge and entertainment through various short films, stage plays, documentaries and mono act plays. Digital platforms have a wider reach hence these platforms gain our major focus. We at Srujan make sure that we sell all the ebooks, audiobooks and ecomics published by us at reasonable prices and lesser than the price of their physical counterparts.
Srujan does not charge for marketing of your product. We work with literature, music, short films and play in any language. Though our major focus will be on languages such as Marathi,Hindi, English and Gujarati.
Mission –
Our mission is catering to all the needs of upcoming writers, music composers, short-films and be a leading platform for all of them. We focus at being their choice to reach their audience.
Vision –
We aim at helping the budding writers, short film makers and music composers in realising their dream and being providing a unique and best platform for them which is globally accessible.
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