Infrared Temperature Transmitter MODEL: SB-TTIR

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2018-04-08

Display: 2.8 inch full-color TFT LCD with LED Backlight.
Supply Voltage: 24VDC.
Current Output: 0-10 , 0-20 , 4-20 mA , MAX Load: 500?
Relays Outputs: 2 or 4 Relays, 0.5A-220VAC or 4A-30VDC.
RS-485 2wire communication protocol.
Insulation Resistance: 50Vdc (>100M?).
All In-Out Ports: 30VDC Circuit Protected.
CE Compliance: EMC Directive 2004/108/EC IEC/EN 61326-1: 2006 (EMI Class A/ EMS Table 2).

Reference Condition: 23C (73F).
Accuracy: +/-0.3% FS (URL).
(URL) (Accuracy includes the effects of linearity, Hysteresis, and repeatability).
Object Temperature Ranges: -50…300°c, -50…600°c, -50…1200°c, -50…1800°c
Spectral Response: 8-14um
Distance Spot Ratio: 50:1(-50…300°c is 16:1)
Target size: no less than 16mm
Response Time: 500msec.
Output Resolution: 0.3% FS (URL)
LCD Accuracy: ±0.3% FS (URL) + last digit

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