sijo-outdoor advertising

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2018-05-16

Who are extremely passionate about creative advertising solutions. We believe outdoor

advertising is a very powerful medium to reach out to people directly and in fact, research

says that 80% of major advertising in the world uses outdoor media. To excite the audience,

we have come up with innovative and effective outdoor advertising solutions- AD Cycles /

Rikshaw Advertising / Cycle Ads and AD Walkers. Mobile outdoor advertising, can also be an

interactive advertising campaign by handing out leaflets/ coupons/ product samples etc
sijo-ads provides you with a wide range of choice to advertise your products/business in

different localities/cities/towns, from the very comfort of your home/office.
Our Service :-
-real estates
-super amarts
-jewelry shops
-flex printing
-flex boards design
-rental Cycle risks
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