First Aid Bag (Soul Bag)

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2018-08-02

First Aid Bag (Soul Bag) where all the necessary tools are in it:
- An MP3 player already filled with meditations, positive audio stories, nature sounds and soothing music tracks.
- The bestseller book "Change". Hand signed from the author Peter Gastberger.
- Trainingcards from behavioral therapy, depth psychology and motivational hints.
- Tasks / Notebook. Your guide with task pages for writing down your progress, goals, emergency addresses, friend lists, important phone numbers and your dreams. It's also enough space in it for your creativity.
- The mobile app change. The first mobile app for personal growth
- A bottle with a fragrance that leads you to your peaceful place, brings good memories and makes you feel positive again.
- Bonus access to the change mobile App
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