Are you the man for the job

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2018-08-02

I have 3 positions open on my roster, if you think you are the right man for the job then be my guest and try your luck.

Sissy Bitch- Do you have a thing for being dressed up and used like the cunt you are, can you picture yourself being used and Humiliated just for Daddies Pleasure. Give me all of your holes!

* I am looking for a Sub to be used in my sissy Transformation Video collection. You are not required to show your face but if you are comfortable with that, then that is a plus. I will transform you into the little slut you really are.

A stress reliever - Do you know your place on your knees, do you have an uncanny desire to worship every inch of a Beautiful Black Woman?

* I am looking for a body worship sub, you will be worshiping any part of my body that I request, this content will be added to my collection of clips.

Bag Boy- Do you have a Fetish for FinDom? Have you ever dreamed about being sucked dry by a Beautiful Black Woman who know her worth? Imagine, you and me walking down the streets of the city, my heels clacking on the cement with every step, my hips swaying side to side as you try to play catch up from behind. I turn around and mouth to you "Hurry Up!" As you pick up the pace, too bad for you, you fall dropping everything. I look and chucked as I was into another store.

* I am looking for a bag boy, not only because I am a woman and I should never have to carry anything, my videographer will be filming our meetings which will be added to my collection.

An Ideal Candidate Would be a man who loves to please, Race and age is not an issue for me just as long as you have the ability to fulfill your duties. I am looking for genuine Subs, one who actually yearns for the particular Fetish they are applying for. You not will help me with content for my collection but you will be mine.

Are you Ready

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