Effects of oil spills on Sea animals and birds

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2018-09-07

Animals are strongly affected by oil spills are the Sea Otters. Otters have air bubbles located in the fur of their bodies which enable them to float and survive the cold waters. When oil spills occur, oil covers the otter’s bodies and often covers these air holes. As a result, otters may die of hypothermia, are unable to swim properly, and eventually die.
Oil spills have led to the endangering of killer whales. Oil affects the killer whales in two ways. Firstly, it plugs up the blowholes of the killer whales, and the killer whale will be unable to breathe. Secondly, the Killer Whale may eat fish that swam through the oil, or fish already poisoned by the oil, and the killer whales too will get poisoned by the oil, and will die.
Seabirds are strongly affected by oil spills. When they get covered in oil, the heavy oil weights down the birds and is unable to fly. Often, the bird will then attempt to rid itself of the oil lining, and will eat the oil. As the oil is poisonous, the bird will either die or suffer greatly from being poisoned. All these lead to the bird’s inability to carry out its natural life processes such as hunting for food, and eventually, the bird will die, unless it is rescued and given proper treatment.
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