GOLDEN KING PLUS-3D Metal Detector

Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 2018-12-17

GOLDEN KING PLUS 3D Metal Detector is the latest and most powerful metal detector for gold, minerals and treasures under the ground.

It works in 3 different systems, namely photogrammetry, electromagnetic system, and radar. Aside from detecting metallic objects, it can also locate caves, tunnels and voids with the possibility of identifying the depth(in meter and centimeter) and type of the target through its three-dimensional imaging feature.

It can discriminate precious from non-precious metals and works efficiently in any kind of soil without being affected by the insignificant mineral contents of the soil.

Golden King Plus has a Safe-Search feature non-existent in any other metal detectors which prevents any disturbance in the operation of the device such as signals from mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

This device is simple to operate. Its high resolution 3D imaging display allows the user to carefully examine the target and get all the important details before the extraction process.

1. 3D treasure and cache detector
2. Real time 3D target graph
3. Discrimination-it discriminates between ferrous, alloy, steel, non-ferrous and gold
4. Waterproof night vision video camera
5. Gas Sensor
6. DISS Technology filters climatic change negative effects and increases the quality of the signal.
7. Sun Mode-for easy viewing on the screen when under the sun

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