+1 888 597 3962 Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone Number

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2019-02-19

Lexmark’s Help-Desk Trouble Ticket Integration. We’ll capture critical device alerts and automatically enter them directly into your help desk system so your Help Desk staff can stay up to the minute on the status of your output infrastructure.
A third option is Lexmark Help Desk to Help Desk Integration (H2HI) that integrates your Help Desk system with the Lexmark Technical Support Center to instantly and accurately transfer data associated with a service call between systems. The result of automating this workflow? No error-prone manual rekeying of call details. More accurate service requests. Reduced call-handling time. And improved call closure reporting.

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Washington United State
Jack Reacher Tech Support Engineer

Contact Info: +1 888 597 3962