Rocky Balboa Leather Jacket

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2019-03-06

The Rocky Balboa Leather Jacket is eye catching to both movie fans and fashion lovers alike. It takes a step away from the ordinary through its striking white fleece details on the lower edge, cuffs, and the collar. Rest assured that the leather jacket you order from Ultimo Fashions is going to last you for many years, through heavy wear and the elements, as this is no cheap costume, but a real garment made from authentic leather and sewn together according to the highest possible standards in stitching techniques. This is an excellent jacket to wear when you want to look great in winter weather while keeping warm. The fleece is soft and feels luxurious against your skin while the leather is thick, rugged, repelling the snowfall and the rain. This garment is a ‘must-have’ for Rocky Balboa fans who also happen to be leather lovers. Order your Balboa bomber leather jacket today.

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