Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2019-03-25

Address: 10801 National Blvd Suite #410, Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

Phone: 3106955212

Website: https://www.losangeles-divorceattorney.com/

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Description: Our clients come to us when they are vulnerable, distressed, and torn asunder by the trauma of their divorce. As a result, we provide an environment where you can feel comfortable and safe in sharing every part of your story with your divorce attorney. This will allow us to build a winning strategy that is custom-designed for your situation and that has a high likelihood of success.We are empathetic to your strife and will always provide you with a sympathetic ear during this turbulent time in your life. Furthermore, in the courtroom, we will always be tactful, strategic, and compelling in presenting your case. By creating a strong bond between the attorney and client, we can more effectively argue on your behalf.

Hour: 24/7

Payment: all major credit cards

Contact Info: James Jay Devitt