Home smart home – here’s how you can protect it from hackers & phishers

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2019-05-12

With an ever-increasing trend to set up a smart home and access the electronic equipment remotely, there is a proportional effect in the threat of hacking those connected devices. But there are also more significant advantages in using these IoT devices which enables security and surveillance of your home when no one is present. By properly following the necessary technical precautions, the smart homes would be a boon than a bane.

Whenever a new device is bought, it will have a default ID and a Password which most of the hackers would of course know. So, it is a high-security threat if you leave the default ID and Password as it is. So, change those passwords immediately after installing. Additionally, keep in mind when you are setting the password, use a very unique and uncommon combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. This will make sure that the password is secure and never breakable.

While most of us think that having a secure password alone is enough, in acuity it is not valid. For being on a safer side, enable the Two-Factor Authentication on all your Gmail accounts, smart home devices, and networks. By proving the mobile number to get a code whenever you are logging in, the security of your account or gadget or whatever is highly protected.

There is a reason for the manufacturers to send updates. Usually, the product companies will routinely check for any breaches of security of any bugs which might cause for any potential security flaw. Therefore, if they find any such thing, they would jump on it and fix in a blink of an eye. So, when there is a new update on any of your smart home devices, smartphones or even on the routers, INSTALL IT!!

A Smart Home is essentially a connected environment consisting of electronic devices like a thermostat, lights, security cameras, etc., through a network (internet). While it is equally important to secure those smart home devices, it is also vital to protect your home network. Most of the people by mistake keep the default name and password of the router the same without changing them. As said previously for the smart devices, it goes the same for the routers too. So, change the default names and give the most robust password.

Additionally, you can also install a Total Security software which will block any potential intruders and hackers when they try to get their way into the network.

When you protect the main network in which all your connected-smart-devices are in, your home will smartly be safeguarded. Therefore, by following these tips, you can save yourself from being hacked.

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