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Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2019-11-18

For business savvy folks who understand that e-mail marketing is a great way to exchange value between a business and prospect, e-mail marketing strategy is about using the right tools. http://BulkResponse.com, a provider of e-mail marketing SaaS, continues to respond to customer needs by providing the most effective tools in its cloud-based software—BulkResponse.com provides the most cost-effective solution for e-mail marketing when compared to its peer group. In the most recent upgrade, new features of the platform include customer reactivation, good delivery, list imports, single opt-in, and unlimited contacts. In less than a decade of service, BulkResponse, with a growing customer base of thousands of e-mail marketers, is widely acclaimed for its responsive customer service.

Main Features

You can import your list
You can track Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes
You can download your leads any time
Your account will never be shut down.

Bulk Email Packages

Send 50,000 emails for $49
Send 100,000 emails for $79
Send 1 million emails for $299

BulkResponse.com based in Howthorne, CA, is a provider of cloud-based e-mail marketing software.

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