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Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2019-11-23

ACA open enrollment has started which will last from 1st-Nov to 15th Dec. Register today and get affordable health insurance
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What Type of Plan You Suggest?

The answer is either HMO or a PPO, in HMO you can only visit Doctors who are contracted to your insurer (innetwork) but you will be charged at the contracted (discounted) rate. In PPO you have the option to visit Doctors not contracted to your insurer (out of network), but you will be charged the full price

Can I stay with current provider?

Yes, it is entirely possible. You can renew your existing policy but if your Doctor is in more than one network, we can find the one that offers the best health plan for you (Either HMO or PPO) or We can find the most Affordable health insurance plan (PPO) and you can visit your current family Doctor off network.

What will my monthly premiums be?

It is entirely down to you and your circumstances! On balance, you should plan to commit 10% 15% 0f household income to healthcare. You may choose a low premium and high personal exposure to the costs of services provided You may choose to pay a higher premium and pay less of the service costs.

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