My Holiday Gift to You ($200.00)...

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2019-12-27

As part of my 2019 commitment to serve 300 entrepreneurs this year, I’m giving 30 quick decision-makers a holiday gift: I’m paying $200.00 for you to get access to anincredibly valuable, rarely-offered bundle of our signature social media marketing services…

I call it From Zero to Social Sales Hero: The Complete Solution.

This comprehensive package includes ALL 5 of my bestselling services…

• Expertly create and design content for up to 5 social media networks

• Set up, design and optimize your Facebook / Instagram Business page

• Develop a strategy and plan to spark a new life into your social media pages and make them perform

• Post your content according to the agreed schedule

• Research the Top 100 Hashtags to grow your Instagram

and… 2 Extras!

• Set up your Facebook Pixel

• Strategy call is free for you and priceless at the same time. Book yours now!

… and has everything you need, at every stage of growing your audience on social media, selling online. Become an expert in attraction, retention, and understanding your customers so you can kick-start your audience nurturing and keep themcoming for more.

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