App developer needed

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2019-12-30

Hello I am in search of an app developer for my medical cannabis delivery company Wesla Deliveries. I am looking for someone to help create an app using the apk file of other leading delivery companies if possible. This I am thinking is the easiest and most efficient way to design the app but am 100% open to starting from the ground up. Things the app will need are as follows.

-GPS tracking of one fleet vehicle
-Pos system for credit transactions
-Receipts for both parties
-An ability to add other Licensed Producers products in the future
-Customers must be able to leave reviews of products
-The ability to verify a customer's medical marijuana card and id in a legal manner

Wesla is a technology based platform for licensed cannabis producers to link up with registered medical cannabis patients to distribute their product directly to the customers door, in a timely manner. If you can help me designing this application please reach out to me with your vision, any questions and a price breakdown of your services. My name is Ryan, Wesla Deliveries is an incorporated company based in Kelowna B. C.


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