Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2020-01-09

My name is Claudia and as a Real Estate Agent I get tons of emails everyday offering different type of products and services, so I have always wonder as to why there wasn’t a platform that is not necessarily associated to any board where real estate vendors can promote their services to us.
I looked and looked and looked and did not find anything so I decided to build something myself and I came up with is a great platform where Real Estate Vendors can list their products and services and much more, just look at the list below.

• Build Profile, Company or Personal
• Full Bio
• Searchable Listing
• Link To Your Website
• Share Your Social Networks
• Add Phone Number
• Business Operating Hours
• Receive Reviews
• Publish Products
• Publish Coupons
• Publish Events
• Publish Articles
• Publish Classifieds
• Publish Jobs
• Publish Videos
• Publish Audios

Since this is new platform I’m giving away free memberships.
I think this is a win-win situation.
• I help you promote your products and services to agents.
• You help me launch this platform
• Agents benefit by finding everything in one place.

Here is your 100% of promo code for One Year Gold Membership Promo-code: FIRST100
(Once we reach the first 100 members the promo-code will be cancel so please join right away)

You must be a real estate related vendor to join, unrelated businesses or spammers will be removed!


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