Kerala Ayurveda Hospital

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2020-02-05

Vaidyanilayam is a traditional marma chikithsa centre. We are from a well known traditional Ayurveda family following vaidya practice traditionally. We practice Ayurveda treatment as well as nattu vaidyam and we learn from our forefather’s. We have a very successful Ayurvedic treatment packages and also we make our own special Ayurvedic medicines such as oils and rasayanas.We prepare medicines from some rare medicinal plants and making medicines traditionally. Ayurvedic Treatment offers specific recommendations to each individual on lifestyle, diet, exercise and yoga, herbal therapy and even spiritual practice to restore and maintain balance in body and mind. The healing process in Ayurveda is as oriented as to restore the lost equilibrium and to bring the patient back into harmony with the environment. The treatment process is hundred percent depending upon the physical fitness and the health condition of the patient. The oiling and Ayurveda massaging course to be decided based on the physical state of the patient. Our treatment focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles and soft tissues. Proper Ayurvedic treatment follow up and mild to moderate life style changes is definitely the right way of handling issues.
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