Help hardworking student pay for college

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2020-02-08

My name is Jason, and it's very difficult for me to ask for help. But, I must support myself and my family. I am currently in a warehouse position which pays fairly for my skill sets but I need to make a better living.

I recently applied for state aid and was turned down because I am living with my parents and our combined income is too high. I also applied for a loan from two sources. I was turned down for the loans because of lack of credit history.

I am looking to go into the trades specifically HVAC. The trade school is priced at $17,784.00. This is for an 11 month program which will prepare and licence the students to get a job in the field which is in huge demand.

I have not been able to save much of my income due to my medical expenses. Currently I have been able to save $1290. I am looking for anyone who may be able to donate or give funds to help me get into the HVAC school.

If there's anything you could do it would be greatly appreciated.
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