Save hundreds of $$ on your shopping trips throughout 2020

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2020-02-08

Imagine being able to go into any store and saving money and in some cases make money from buying the item.

Recent Shopping trip from popular national chain Pharmacy.

Spent $235.64 before coupons and store credits

After Coupons and store credits my ending total was $39.91. Yes, this for real. The cashier was absolutely amazed and wanted me to show her how I do this every week.

I am getting ready to release a new book and video course teaching everyone how to save money.

Until I finish putting the final touch on my book and video course I wanted to release some of the tools I use to help save and make this whole process work.

First Tool I use is this website Copy and paste this in your browser. When you sign up you’ll get a bonus using that link.

Second tool is an app but the website is

My third and last tool I will share is another app code is shop368534

The above links offer the best possible sign up bonuses currently being offered. I may get credit if you sign up through the links above. The programs are always changing. Enjoy these resources.

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