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Date: 2020-09-09

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Drakonx Investigations is a licensed and insured Private Investigation Agency in Miami, Florida.

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Miami Detective services:

• Background Investigation
• Business Due Dili-gence
• Birth Par-ent Locate Investigation
• Child Ab-use or Mole-station
• Child Cus-tody and Visi-tation Investigations
• Child Expl-oitation and Obs-ce-nity
• Child Support Investigations
• Coha-b-itation Investigation
• Cold Case Uns-olved Cr-imi-nal Investigations
• Competitive Business Intelligence
• Computer For-en-sics Investigation
• Corporate Sla-nder Investigation
• Eav-esd-ropping Bu-gs Detection
• El-der Ab-use Investigations
• Emb-ez-zlement Investigation
• Employee Malin-ge-ring Investigation
• Employee - Investigation
• Employment Mi-scon-duct Investigation
• Expert Witness Tes-tim-ony
• Fin-ancial Fra-ud Investigations
• Hid-den Asse-ts Investigation
• Hom-ic-ide, M-urd-er and De-a-th Investigation
• Hum-an Traf-ficking Investigations
• Iden-tity Th-eft Investigations
• Ins-ura-nce Fr-a-ud Investigations
• Inte-llect-ual Property and Co-pyri-ght Infrin-gem-ent Investigations
• De-fa-mat-ion and Sl-and-er Investigations
• La-bor Dis-pute Investigations
• Lit-ig-ation Support
• Locate Lost People
• Ma-lp-ractice Investigation
• Mar-iti-me or Boa-ting Investigations
• Me-rg-ers and Acq-u-isitions Investigation
• Mind Con-trol or Brai-nwas-hing Investigations
• Miss-ing Per-sons Investigations
• Mon-ey Laundering Investigations
• Pers-onal Pro-tect-ion
• Pol-yg-raph and Li-e Det-ectio-n
• Pre-Employment Background Scre-ening
• Pro-bate He-ir Investigation
• Worldwide Pro-cess Service
• Real Estate Fr-aud Investigations
• Relig-ion or Fai-th Based Investigation
• Run-away and Mis-sing Ch-ild-ren Investigations
• Se-cu-rity Cons-ulting
• Se-x-ual Har-ass-ment Claims
• Spou-sal Support Ali-mo-ny Investigations
• Sta-lking and Hara-ssme-nt Investigations
• St-ing Oper-ations
• Str-ike and Labor Un-rest Investigations
• Sub-stance Abu-se Investigation
• Te-na-nt Background Scr-eening
• Traffic and Vehicle Acci-dent Reconstruction
• Und-erc-over Workp-lace Investigations
• Ve-ndor and Provider Background Sc-reening Investigations
• White Co-llar Fina-ncial C-ri-me Investigations
• Witness Ca-nvas, Loca-tes and Interviews
• Workers' Com-pen-sation Fr-au-d Investigations (AOE/COE)
• Workplace Vi-ole-nce and D-isp-ute Investigation
• Mys-tery and Sec-ret Sh-opper Investigations

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Drakonx Investigations
Web: https://www.drakonx.com/ (Chat with us)
Email: info@drakonx.com
Toll: 866-224-1245 (WhatsApp)
Licenses: CAPI 25425 - FLPI A1000095 - CAPPO 16170 - FLPS B1700404

We offer Private Investigator and Detective Services in Miami, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Aventura, Miami Beach, Homestead, Kendall, Coral Gables, Doral, Miami Springs, Miami Gardens, North Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Miramar, Cutler Bay, Hialeah Gardens, The Hammocks, Sunny Isle, Bal Harbour, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Key Largo and the rest of Florida.

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