edtech company

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 2020-11-13

Oréll is a next generation information technology enabled solutions provider and perhaps the only one of its kind, exclusively serving the education domain. Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that seamlessly merge with the educational value chain, we have 3500+ installations and a presence across 40 countries benefitting over 1 million learners and instructors, worldwide.
It is quite delightful to open the store of Oréll's prestigious start off, when three budding technocrats took the challenge of setting up the literal demand of a local college principal to digitize the complex analogue language lab. This paved the path for unrolling the launch of first ever technologically surpassing Oréll Digital Lab and so the dawn of Oréll in 2005. The beginning threshold was so brilliant that they never give the chance to turn back and could easily be pushed to the focal point among other competitors in the field, from the then ninth place. The purposeful isolation from the banking and insurance sector, silently defines the thrive of Team Oréll to implement the language learning ideology in the best platform, thereby carving themselves a successful market in the educational domain.

Contact Info: 8902356044