Top Benefits of PRP Treatment in Delhi

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Date: 2021-01-09

PRP therapies are a state-of-the-art technique for skin rejuvenation. Thanks to the use of platelet growth factors, obtained directly from the patient’s blood, it is possible to slow down cellular aging.

PRP therapies in aesthetic medicine PRP treatment in Delhi has been used for many years in hair problems, skin rejuvenation and pain management due to its ability to promote tissue regeneration.

The research has recently ascertained its effectiveness also in aesthetic medicine for revitalization and rejuvenation that represent the fundamental starting point to then be able to practice other therapies such as botulinum or filler.

Until now, to achieve skin rejuvenation, micro injections of hyaluronic acid mixtures, vitamins, ribonucleotids, amino acids capable of obtaining excellent anti-aging results but did not regenerate the skin as is the case with the use of PRP.

Benefits of PRP treatment in Delhi as aesthetic medicine

The growth factors contained in PRP improve the appearance of the skin and regenerate it as they can stimulate beneficial cellular mechanisms and collagen synthesis.

The first effects are visible already after a couple of weeks. People who use PRP for cell rejuvenation will notice brighter, toned, elastic skin and will also see wrinkle attenuation. The improvement achieved by each sitting will be sum up synergistically with the results of previous sittings.

Recommended age to start PRP Treatment in Delhi

Biostimulation with Platelet-rich plasma is indicated both for young skin, from the age of 28, to prevent cellular aging, and for mature skin to attenuate and eliminate the unsightly signs of the time.

Characteristics of PRP Treatment in Delhi

First you carry out a blood sample directly from the person who will undergo Treatment in Delhi. Blood is immediately centrifuged and a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained. The serum obtained is immediately injected into the patient’s skin via a very thin needle (30G) and with microponphrific technique that leaves no marks on the skin and therefore the patient can immediately return to his daily life.

Side effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Since it is a serum taken from the patient himself, the risk of allergic reactions is almost nil.

Necessary sessions

With PRP Treatment in Delhi is intended to regenerate, keep the skin healthy and counteract the signs of aging. 2 or 3 sessions a year are recommended to make the skin qualitatively better and prevent cellular aging. If the skin to be treated has wrinkles, grooves, spots and depressions, for their attenuation or elimination it is recommended to combine PRP treatment in Delhi with other aesthetic Treatment.

At our clinic located in Karol Bagh, New Delhi, our experts, will advise you on the right PRP Treatment in Delhi to regenerate your skin, prevent or attenuate the signs of skin aging.

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