PML/RARA gene fusion probe

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2021-02-23
PML/RARA gene fusion probe uses the PML probe labeled with orange red dye and the RARA probe labeled with green dye, the two probes can be combined with the target detection site by in situ hybridization. Normally (PML / RARA gene did not fuse), two orange and two green signals were displayed under fluorescence microscopy. When fusion genes exist, green and orange signals are reconstituted to form yellow fusion signals.PML/RARA fusion gene is a characteristic marker of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). PML / RARA fusion proteins inhibit the differentiation and maturation of promyelocytes through dominant negative inhibition, thereby blocking cell differentiation and leading to sustained proliferation. All trans retinoic acid (ATRA) and arsenic trioxide can degrade PML/RARA fusion protein, restore the function of wild type PML and RARA gene, relieve the inhibition of gene transcription, induce cell differentiation and apoptosis, so that APL can be effectively treated. The combined use of ATRA and chemotherapy can achieve a complete remission rate of APL for 90%~95%, More than 70% of the patients can survive for a long time.

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